Asylum Arts Small Grants Program

Through this program, we support Asylum Arts network artists in creative projects that explore Jewish ideas, themes, history, and identity. We hope audiences will engage with this work and ultimately start global conversations.

We give grants that support artistic careers, ensure diverse activity across geography, and strengthen the network of Asylum Arts participants. Only artists who have attended one of our retreats is eligible to apply.  

With our first round of grants given in July 2014, we are pleased to support projects that approach Jewish culture from a variety of perspectives, in terms of discipline, geographical context and thematic elements.  Grants of $1000-$3000 were given in the following categories: Collaboration with Asylum Arts Network Participants, Creation/Presentation of New Work, and Research and Travel.  The second round of grants were awareded in December of 2015, supporting an additional 32 participants with exciting new work. 

We will be sharing more about the progress of the artists and their work throughout the grant cycle.


Image from 2015 grant recipient Ildi Hermann's Face About


Image from 2014 grant recipients Alexander Nemser and Nino Biniashvili's project, The Sacrifice of Abraham


Top image from Michal BarOr's Taken in Site, from the exhibit Panacea 

Grants have been given to the following projects:


Michal BarOr, Taken in Site (Tel Aviv, Israel) 

Liat Berdugo and Lior Zalmanson, Relaxation Machine: Print Screen 2016 (Oakland, CA and Tel Aviv, Israel)

Ariel Caine, Granular Archeology (London, UK) 

Idan Cohen and Noa Shiloh, The Capulets and Montagues- Dance Opera

(Tel Aviv, Israel)

Tzfia Dgani, Of Hospitality in the Digital Age (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Michael Dudeck, Excavating Anielewicz (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Ira Eduardovna, The Return (Brooklyn, NY)

Jewlia Eisenberg, Queer Piyut (Oakland, CA) 

Benjamin Fox-Rosen, Transylvanian Lullabies (Romania)

Asya Gefter, Acacias Bloom – an audio-visual journey to Galicia of Dvoyre Fogel

(London, UK)

Noa Ginzburg, Collaborative Artist Book (still untitled) (Tel Aviv, Israel) 

Hadassa Goldvicht, In One Hundred Years (Jerusalem, Israel)

Mishy Harman and Ido Shpitalnik, "The Fourteenth of May" - Israel Story Live Show (Jerusalem, Israel)

Tzion Hazan, Friendly Fire Ceremonies  (Tel Aviv, Israel) 

Ildi Hermann, Face About- About Faces (Budapest, Hungary)

Luciana Kaplun, Who is Atta Allah Abdul Rahman Al-Shaul? (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Keren Katz and Eran Hadas, Tactile Haggadah using Shapereader by Ilan Manouach (Tel Aviv, Israel) 

Tali Keren, Culture in State of Emergency (New York, New York)

Asya Lukin, "Next Station" (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Rachel Mars, Double Act (London, UK)

Carlos Metta, Middle Waters (Mexico City, Mexico)

Elham Rokni, The Wedding (the Dancing Couple) (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Michael Rubenfeld and Jonathan Rotsztain, Motherland (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Chaya Ruckin, A Black Letter to the White House (Tel Aviv, Israel) 

Zvi Sahar, Suddenly, A Knock on the Door (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Daniel Saks, Segulalelo (Brooklyn, NY)

Ishai Shapira Kalter, 32 Nievsky Boulevard (New York, NY)

Zisl Slepovitch, SYLL-ABLE (Brooklyn, NY)

Cassio Tolpolar, Philippson (Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

Anna Yam, 10/15 (Tel Aviv, Israel) 

Jenny Yurshansky, Crusted Memory (Los Angeles, California) 

Natalia Zourabova, Shmezalel (Tel Aviv, Israel)



Jesse Ash, Etrogim Riviera (New York, NY and Calabria, Italy)

Yoni Brook, Mailman Selfies - Prototype (New York, NY)

Nick Cassenbaum, Bubble Schmiesis, (London, UK)

Rafram Chaddad, Boaz (Tel Aviv, Israel, Djerba, Tunisia and Milan, Italy)

Idan Cohen and Jacqueline Nicholls, The Ladies Guild Collection (Tel Aviv, Israel and London, UK)

Michael Dudeck, The Neon Auroch (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Ira Eduardovna, A thousand years (Brooklyn, NY)

Jewlia Eisenberg, The Ginzburg Geography (Berkeley, CA, Turin, Pizzoli and Rome, Italy)

Leah Falk, The Book of Man (Brooklyn, NY)

David Freeman, A Tribute to Yedidia Admon (Brooklyn, NY)

Eduard Freudmann, The White Elephant Archive, Setting No. 3 (Vienna, Austria)

Daniel Gouly and Miki Shaw, The Dybbuk Remixed (London, UK)

Ildi Hermann, Williamsburg Project - working title (Budapest, Hungary and Brooklyn, NY)

Tali Keren, New Jerusalem (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Jon Madof, Zion80 Jewish Afrobeat (White Plains, NY)

Ido Michaeli, Image Bank (New York, NY, Kabul, Afghanistan and Tel Aviv, Israel)

Alexander Nemser and Nino Biniashvili, The Sacrifice of Abraham (Brooklyn, NY and Toronto, Canada)

Jacqueline Nicholls and Zvi Sahar, The Curious Invention of M. Chouchani (London, UK, Paris, France and Tel Aviv, Israel)

Klone, Migration (Ongoing) (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Alex Roth, On Metaphors (London, UK)

Anthony Russell and Meredith Leich, Convergence (Oakland, CA and Boston, MA) 

Elad Schechter, From Jaffa to Agripas (Jerusalem, Israel)

Todd Shalom and Nisan Almog, The Participatory Walk (Brooklyn, NY and Tel Aviv, Israel)

Ana Silvera, An Eye, Open (London, UK)

Hillel Smith and Itamar Paloge, Illuminated Streets (Los Angeles, NY and Tel Aviv, Israel)

Rae'ut Stern and Aya Margulis, Porcelain Past (New York, NY and Jerusalem, Israel)

Sarah Zell Young, God's Garbage in Eretz Yisrael (New York, NY and Jerusalem, Israel)